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About Richard Perry – Fine Art Photography


My name is Richard Perry, Richard John O’Brien Perry to be precise to differentiate myself from the many other Richard Perry’s out there. Differentiating, or standing out from the rest is a key feature of this site. There are many photographers out there, some of them excellent. So many in fact that it can seem daunting even to start the journey as it is going to be hard to compete with such talent.

But, competing to produce technically superior images is not the aim. It is about finding your own VOICE and knowing how to express it once you know what it is you want to say.

So while this site demonstrates techniques, the purpose is not to help you produce sharp images of fuzzy concepts. Rather, it is that you are able to produce conceptually sharp images full of meaning and intent.

Topics will be many and varied but focussed on following a workflow from pre-shoot, shoot and post-shoot. Ultimately the aim is to help you sharpen up those fuzzy concepts to produce stunning, meaningful images.


We’ll be doing this through: Features – In depth articles teaching a specific technique or concept, Quick Tips – smaller articles with a single topic focus, Blog – walkthroughs of how photos were made, and Links – to other interesting resources. I’ll be aiming to post something new each week usually on a Friday as this is our weekend, although I will also be trying “low frequency, high amplitude”, or in other words concentrating on quality over quantity.


Enough about the website, how about me? Well my photography is largely self-taught with a fair bit of reading or watching others and a smattering of workshops given by the likes of Bobbi Lane (Lighting), David Nightingale (Landscape), David Hobby (Strobes), Manny Librodo (Glamour), Parc Cruz (Portrait), Raymond Cruz (Landscape), and Richard Allenby-Pratt (Portfolio). It wasn’t really until Richard’s workshop that I was really challenged to think about the image and not just the technique. I remember Richard asking whose images I looked at and admired and being challenged to really look harder and to raise the bar on what I am aspiring to create. Finally a word of thanks to Josh Dunlop for helping to get this site up and running and for reminding me to focus on setting clear goals.

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